Legends of Veroth

The Dragon's Lair

After laying out a plan that only he truly liked, Embrosiv left Falconbridge manor with Noir in tow, leaving behind a rather upset Lord Jeffrey Falconbridge. He urged the adventuring group to go to the Trudgemank and bring back Noir instead of securing his release by preforming a task for the black dragon. With Noir’s magical aid the group was able to circumvent the natural entry point of all teleportation into the Trudgemank and arrive at the front gates of Embrosiv’s lair. The group pressed inward down the sloping entryway and quickly dispatched a few of the Chull servants of Embrosiv.

Heading deeper into the lair through a passageway veiled in darkness, Zhu cartwheeled boldly forward and set off a fire wall trap. He was caught in the blaze and through the timely intervention of the psionic cat New Pants was pulled to safety.

After patching up the now eyebrowless Lombax the group found themselves in a receiving hall full of imp servants. They were offered food which most of the group sat down to enjoy. Anderinn and the hooded rogue ignored the food and found their way into Embrosiv’s workshop, Noir’s room and another room which contained only a bed and suit of master craft black plate armor. They exited the rooms back into the receiving hall to find Zhu vomiting back up the food he had just consumed. The imps had, at their master’s request, poisoned everything they presented the group with. The rest of the adventurers refused the meal and headed back out into the northern tunnel.

Through this patch of darkness our heroes found themselves on a 10 foot wide somewhat rickety wooden bridge a foot above the murky waters of the Trudgemank. They proceeded carefully down it and shortly after noticing runes to protect the wood from acid the learned why. Embrosiv reared his head through the broken bridge and breathed a line of deadly acid down it. Nearly everyone was caught in the blast save for a lucky few. Zhu being already damgaged from his earlier encounters with the dangers of Embrosiv’s lair had to be rescued from death by New Pants.

Ignoring Embrosiv’s taunts the group pushed on, the fastest of which was Anderinn who ran down passing chulls but, falling prey to a trick floor, found himself falling into the Trudgemank waters where chulls were waiting for him with their paralytic tentacles. He was able to evade them and passed through another darkened passage and found himself in Embrosiv’s hoard room. He was quickly joined by the rest of the group who mopped up the few chulls Anderinn left behind.

Across the great cavern on a small island in the middle of Trudgemank was Noir chained with magebane cuffs to the treasure pile. Despite his shouts he was unable to make a sound. Anderinn who was the first one in found himself facing not Embrosiv himself but three of the gargantuan dragon all bearing down on him. Noir was able to convey that these were mere illusions in time for the party to escape harm.

Embrosiv finally made himself known. He was clinging to the wall above the door with a spider climb spell and breathed destructive acid once more down on the group. He then dropped off his safe perch and into the middle of the group. He swung his tail around knocking everyone to the ground. This amused the massive dragon and he took time to taunt the group. Embrosiv’s toying with the group quickly caught up to him as his overconfidence allowed for the group to get in several powerful hits. He finally halted much of the damage by luckily catching Anderinn in his powerful jaws.

He gave the group one last chance to give up, but they knew they had the wyrm on the ropes. A few more spells brought him down, but before the final blow could be struck Noir was freed from his bounds and employed a teleport spell to bring his father to safety on his treasure hoard. Noir put his hands up both ready to fire his favorite disintegrate spell at his own friends should they try to finish off his father.

After being talked down from continuing the fight Embrosiv’s imps began healing his wounds while Noir D-doored across the water rejoining his party. Despite being angered by his defeat Embrosiv was able to admire the power wielded by his son’s friends and allowed him to leave without being bound to complete his quest. With one last scroll of teleportation Noir brought the group back to Veroth to rest and recuperate after the tough battle they had just won.



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