Legends of Veroth

Our Story so far

We were first introduced to Veroth by the adventurers Jay Banderdash the monk, Sejeri the spell thief, Thanatia a rogue who allegedly murdered her own parents and Siel a psychic warrior who probably murdered a lot of people. This group of brave adventurers accepted the summons sent by Lord Jeffrey Falconbridge. They entered The Laughing Flask tavern where they were directed to the back room to meet with the enigmatic leader of Veroth. While Veroth is in fact ruled over by King Jack Fantom Lord Falconbridge handles the country while the King is away.
Lord Falconbridge dispatched the group to retrieve a stolen ring that had been taken from his estate. The thief was a summoner known as Verko Boone. He established a base in an old war fort a day and a half’s walk to the north of Capital City.
After the first group had departed even more people showed up to answer the call of Falconbridge: Sampson Stuprich the bard, Rogrim the barbarian and the young cleric of Paylor Coo. After enlisting the aid of the Stars pirates who were docked in town, joined forces with the first group to find and defeat the summoner.
It was in the citadel where the group defeated Boone who was a lieutenant of the despicable Bad Horse, the leader of organized crime in Veroth. In defeating Boone the group was given a glimpse of Bad Horse himself through a magic mirror and warned of what awaited them if they continued in Falconbridge’s service. The group pressed on none the less, but upon exiting there was a division in the ranks. Siel decided to keep the ring and thus the reward from Lord Falconbridge to himself. He locked the group in the citadel and he and Coo, who was unaware of the peril the rest of the group was in, left for Capital City.
Sampson thinking quickly sent off a messenger spell to Falconbridge who dispatched his bodyguard Virgil to free them from the dungeon. Virgil made quick work of the door while Siel got himself into trouble with the local guards and thrown in prison before he could return the ring. The party met back up with Coo and the group minus Siel returned to Lord Faclonbridge for the reward.
Once safely back in Jeffrey Falconbridge’s hand and knowing he had the friendship of the group, revealed to them that the ring was in fact a true form ring which prevented him from transforming into a werewolf during the full moon. Overjoyed with the return of the ring Falconbridge threw an enormous party in The Laughing Flask and everyone, save for the still imprisoned Siel, had a great time.
Falconbridge decided that the group had promise and he felt they would make good allies to the country of Veroth. He hired them and spoke to Sampson about establishing trade routes. Sampson informed Falconbridge that he had recently acquired a boat, and incidentally the affection of Captain Claire of the Stars Pirates. Falconbridge outfitted the boat and the newly christened Millennium Falconbridge was ready to set sail. Before they left Falconbridge was able to grant a pardon to Siel who rejoined with the group with the understanding that he would not betray them again.

After leaving Veroth, now first mate, Claire Redfield, shared a map to a long lost treasure which the group set sail to discover. Captain Stuprich anchored the boat and the group went into the cave in search of the treasure.
The adventurers made short work of the cave’s inhabitants which were mostly ooze monsters. One ooze monster which had lain in wait in a crevice in the ground, the bottom of which was littered with small gems, injured the rogue Thanatia who jumped into it to retrieve the gems.
Upon reaching a dead end Jay Banderdash and his trusty animal companion Becky the weasel noticed a crack in the wall. One jump spin back kick later their path was open. Unfortunately for Jay he was right in the path of two oozes that were knocked loose as well. Jay was schmloofed by the oozes while the others attacked. A most unfortunate incident occurred next: The Elvin spell thief Sejeri who had only moments ago relieved himself, while firing his bow slipped, fell and landed in his own urine. The impact also rendered him unconscious.
The group proceeded into the final room of the cave and dug up the treasure with bated breath. They opened it to reveal nothing… the chest had already been emptied. An unfortunate end to the short adventure the group returned to their boat and continued on their voyage. Not halfway to their destination the boat was attacked by a giant squid. Thanks to a flying potion the warrior Siel was able to flank the enormous beast and dispatch it handily. The squid like all other foes was defeated but not before Sojeri, after loading a cannonball backward and firing upon the squid, destroyed the cannon and injured himself.
On the seas again the Millennium Falconbridge made a detour upon seeing an enormous watermelon floating alongside the ship in the water. The crew noticing an island in the distance could tell that by its path the watermelon came from this island. The team threw harpoons at the watermelon to secure it to the ship and therefore tow it back. Surprisingly not all the harpoons hit the melon and Siel threw Thanatia, rope in hand, onto the watermelon.
Once they docked the island was overjoyed to have their melon back and thus threw a big island wide party. It was during this event that they learned they were on Watermelon Smoothie Island, more commonly known as the best island in the world. The claims of being the best island in the world were verified moments later when Sampson noticed those very words on the country’s flag.
During the party it was discovered that there was a problem with the fountain of watermelon smoothie that normally produced a cold and frosty beverage which possessed healing powers. The drink was coming out hot and not frosty at all. The local ruler Charlie Ray Guthrie asked the group if they would help. The crew proceeded north to the sacred caves and immediately noted an extreme heat coming from the cave.
The group pushed on despite the great heat and made their way through. Fire elementals tried to bar their way along with several other fiery fiends but thanks to a stream of sacred watermelon smoothie trickling through a crack in the ceiling they were able to keep their strength up and persevere. After a few tricky moments with a portcullis trapping Siel to the point he had to shimmy out of his armor, the adventurers made it to their destination. The room of the goddess of Watermelon Smoothie Island herself: Holly Rancher. After a brief but intense battle they rescued the bound goddess and thus were celebrated as heroes in the city that night. A wild night of partying ensued and our heroes awoke the next morning to continue their quest. A hastily said goodbye to Holly Rancher from Jay Banderdash betrayed a deeper connection between the two which had been forged during the night. Holly bid him ado and was certain they would see each other again.
The remainder of the voyage on the Millennium Falconbridge passed with little incident and the heroes disembarked upon Cartoon Network Island. The group split up and explored the town.



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